Energy Saving Doors

All Door-Stop doors are rated by the British Fenestration Rating Council. Get the reassurance of knowing how well your door performs at keeping the heat in your home - and saving you money on your energy bills.

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Looking After The Pennies

All of Door-Stop’s doors exceed the current Building Regulations for energy efficiency. To get technical, all new doors sold and fitted in England and Wales must have a U-value of 1.8W/m2K or better (1.6W/m2K in Scotland). The door’s U-value is a measure of its energy efficiency, and basically the lower the U-value, the lower your bills.

Manufacturers of doors made of timber, aluminium or PVC panels may struggle to meet the 1.8W/m2K requirement and many do not provide proof.

In 2011 Door-Stop doors were the first ever to be certified with an energy rating, and we made the first ‘A’ energy rated door.

Every Door-Stop door is issued with a bespoke energy rating certificate - based on expert data from the Build Research Establishment and accredited by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC). This is not a type test or a dubious assurance that gives all our doors the same rating. Your door rating will be tailored for your particular door based on your design choices.

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Green doors - now available in every colour.

From day one we chose to use a calcium zinc based compound in the extrusion of the door frame (which we make in different lengths to avoid waste) because it’s much kinder to the planet than lead based additives. And the door’s inner rigid foam system is completely, utterly, one hundred percent CFC-free.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’ve taken big steps to reduce our own carbon footprint too - Door-Stop doors are made right here in the UK. And we carefully plan all our delivery routes to cut down the amount of fuel we use.

Other manufacturers look at our doors and go green with envy - we’re just greener.

GRP - the longest product lifespan

Door Type Expected Life Maintenance
Softwood Door 25 Years Paint, 5 Years
Hardwood Door 35 Years Paint, 5 Years
Steel Composite Door 30 Years Wipe Clean
PVC Composite Door 25 Years Wipe Clean
GRP Composite Door 35 Years Wipe Clean
PVC Panel Door 20 Years Wipe Clean
Information from HAPM (Housing Association Provident Mutual) and BRE (Building Research Establishment)
Genuine Door-Stop doors offer the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security and weather resistance. Homes all over the UK are safer and look better with these doors.
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